Quality policy

The core business of ARDEAPHARMA is the production of infusion and injection products that are safe, effective, meet stringent regulatory standards, and meet patient needs.


Through our manufactured medicines and services we help doctors and pharmacists to fulfill their mission - to heal and protect human health.


At a time when the cost of healthcare is steadily rising, we are trying to promote infusion therapy as an effective and less costly treatment.



The highest priority of our company is the achievement of precisely defined quality of manufactured pharmaceuticals and top quality of provided services in the control of drugs and their delivery in the required time, assortment and quantity.


We invest and introduce processes and methods that reflect the current state of scientific knowledge and technical progress into drug production and control.



We support and develop the professional and human attributes of our employees and thus create a successful future for our company.


All activities of a joint-stock company are carried out in accordance with legal and other requirements relating to the protection and creation of the environment.We do not want to burden our environment by doing so, but by effectively introducing effective pollution prevention, we can minimize and minimize these resources by making it more productive and making production more efficient by maximizing the use of inputs.


V Ševětíně dne 1. 4. 2017
Ing. Milan Máchal
Company Director, Chairman of the Board of Directors